I love music and really enjoy photographing live bands and musicians. I started doing band photography with 35mm film back in 1993. (Yes, that's 20 years ago!) A lot has changed since then... one big thing; there's no film anymore and the dynamic range of new DSLR cameras allow me to take pictures that quite honestly, no film camera could have managed... and that's a good thing!


Your friends and fans will love having some good, quality photographs of you playing... and you know you'll love that too! With all the camera phones, tablets and nice point-n-soot cameras clicking away these days, bands see a lot of pictures... some good, some bad and some just plain ugly...;-) There really is a difference when a photo has just the right equipment being operated by someone with a lot of experience... just like anything else, experience (practice) makes pictures better!




When I work with your photos after the shoot... I use the latest Adobe CS6 tools in combination with my 30+ years of actual Darkroom experience. This allows me to provide you pictures that not only will you like but they'll give you that "wow" feeling too! I don't want to sound like I'm bragging. I just want to let you know as much as possible about myself in short and simple way. Choosing a professional Photographer is important and I really want you to know that; a)I love photographing musicians, b)I've been doing it for quite a while and c)I'm pretty good at it!




bands-insert2.jpgI've personally played music on one instrument or another since the 5th grade. I started as drummer, learned the Bass and now the 6-String Strat! I'm just an amateur musician but it does help me know what makes a good photo of a musician! I know what I would want if I was standing (or sitting) on the stage and most artists can tell. For one thing... I always make sure that I get great shots of the Drummer and the Bass Player... a lot of people seem to forget that they want pictures too! Not me... I've got my eye on every member of the band! The other piece of magic is my search for that something about your photos that shows the emotion and power of your performances! I am comfortable in the photo pit, back stage, on stage and all places in between. Virtually nothing shocks, alarms or offends me... I believe that true beauty in life is found in the diversity people... In other words... It's all good. I just want to make great pictures of you.

I know how to get the shot without getting in your way!