Why I Take Pictures 

Call it Taking Pictures, Shooting Frames, Snapping Shots or Visual Artistry. They all describe a Photographer. It really is a bit deeper than "Taking Pictures," Photography is about creating images that stop a moment in time. That way, you can see and experience that one moment the way the Photographer saw it and felt it. It doesn't matter if it's a landscape, a portrait or an action shot of a lead guitar player... you get to share that moment... forever. Photographs are Time Machines; they store the past for us and for future generations. 

I try to compose photographs that are fun and interesting to view. If I'm at the beach, in the mountains or walking in a crowded city I look for little secrets that get overlooked. It can be exciting to see that “something” we all pass each day but never really notice. The world is full of interesting and beautiful things that exist just outside of our conscious sight. I like to look for beauty there and to share what I see.

I hope you enjoy seeing through my eyes and lens for a moment or two! Be sure to look at my Portfolio!  

Frank Matlock

I have always had a passion for photography. My father was a lifetime ‘shutterbug’ and semi-professional photographer. By the time I reached 10 years old I could operate his Rolleiflex TLR like an expert. That was over 40 years and hundreds of cameras ago. I was very fortunate to have received a lifelong education in photographic arts by one of the finest photographers I have ever known.

I just called him Dad.



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